Wednesday, August 31, 2016


           Harvest is coming soon, on the rise a         moon that's full with an amazing shaped skull like a Scholar's. Yes, it's back to school and   time for spending some dollars...

  What could be more fun than to laugh in the sun while chasing Scarecrows through a Giant Pumpkin Patch, hoping a cold not to catch. 

The "Season of Scholars" is upon us and Scents are everywhere we turn, simply because it's just fun to learn!

     Ginger Tea or Cider Ale will surely help you not to fail, a Cinnamon Stick gives your favorite Beverage a kick that lasts awhile, at least long enough to get through it with a smile.

        Study hard and try to do your best,remember there will be a test. You'll be prepared because you cared. Happy Back to School Days!











Friday, June 24, 2016

Wax up Your Surfboard Shine Your Woody Crank Up the Tunes It's June

           Summertime has begun... let's have some Fun!
               Vacation Spots are hoppin and the folks are boppin 
               to the tunes of yesteryear, ridin the waves like they
               used to back in the days of no fear.
                           Summer nights at the Carnival,
                                    Country Fairs by day 
                                  Bon Fires,Clam Bakes,
                        Drive-In Burgers, Frosty Milkshakes
                         all served up on a Car Window Tray.


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                It's Summer... my time of year                            here's a song you can kick back and relax with!
                              Original by War, Title:Summer   


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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Baskets Egg Coloring Magical Chocolate Bunnies

          Easter creates a Magical Time of Year
                           for kids of all ages... 
    Jelly Beans,Colorful Eggs & Marzipan Candies tucked
  inside a beautifully woven bowl with branch-like handles 
 making it ever so easy to hold onto while you zippity do-dah     down a garden path gathering Sweet Carrots for all the
  Chocolate Easter Bunnies and Marshmallow Peeps!

                          The Chocolate Bunnies from Lindt        


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring Chickens Hippity Hoppity Hat Box Bunnies

                   Spring is in the air 
             soon the clocks will change
       The Rooster's crow will let us know 
                   it's time to re-arrange...

                    Schedules, routines and daily chores
                  on Farms, in Cities and General Stores 
                  will  seem a bit off for a short while
                  simply because it's all in a Lifestyle.


          Spring Chickens and Hippity Hoppity Hat Box Bunnies
   is a sure sign that Spring and Easter are on the way! We've put together these darling 
     Gift Baskets we like to call The Spring Sensations & The Hat Box Bunnies.
    Chocolate scented Easter Bunnies that sit in colorful mini Hat Boxes holding a Jelly Bean
    filled Carrot Shaped Container. Adorable doesn't begin to describe them!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Magical Christmas Eve's eve

 Long Long ago on the Eve's eve of Christmas tiny elves were 
popping up everywhere. What were they doing you ask?
Why they were spreading Christmas Cheer! 
      They gathered Nuts, they picked Berries, they even sugar coated Giant Plums for the Magic Fairies to nibble on all through
the night while wrapping presents for Santa's annual flight.



Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy All Hallows Eve Celebration

   On All Hallows Eve celebrate with Spirits
     Tricks and Treats for this Special Occasion in their honor
  because because of all the magic it does...

Now that being said for the awakened dead who'll visit all this day
and night, by hook, by crook, broom or drone, Space Spirits in Mystic Flight visiting upon the Full Moons Light.

Artscana Images Title: Cosmic Crow



Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween Treats for the Big Kids

                  It's that Fantastically Fun Time of Year 
              when Grown Ups get to feel like a kid again! 
     Halloween Treats for the Big Kids starts by making Homemade Goodies extra SPOOKY and SWEET with ingredients like Maple Syrup, Honey,Caramel and Tons of
Chocolate added to anything and everything you can dish up for the Great Pumpkin Event!
Brew up some Cocktails for the Happy Bewitching Hours with a Refreshing Potion so tasty
 it'll make even a Witches Face turn colors!

 Potions 11 Witches Brew: Mix 1 part Cinzano Extra Dry with 2 parts Tangerine Juice. Skewer 3 Milkyway Midnight Minis and Curled Orange & Lime Peel on a toothpick. Serve in a chilled Martini or Rocks Glass. Top with splash of fresh Lime Juice & Tonic Water.

Dr. Spocktail's Murky Vulcan : Blend 2 cups Red Wine with 1 scoop of fresh Papaya, half of peeled fresh Peach, half of peeled fresh Pear and 2 Tablespoon Applesauce. Add 6 ice cubes to blender and blend again until consistency is thick and well chilled. If to thick add more wine. Pour into Martini or Daiquiri Glass and Garnish with leftover fruit and sprinkle of Cinnamon. 
For an Extra Treat place a few Espresso Chocolate Chips in bottom of glass. 

Captain's Log 10-31-15


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Monday, July 20, 2015

Best Fall Flavors Baking with Acorn Butternut Sweet Dumplin and Pumpkin Squash

 Recipes that include Acorn,Butternut or Sweet Dumplin 
Squash add extraordinary flavor to the dish.
Acorn Squash is somewhat like Sweet Dumplin and Turnip or as some refer to it as Rutabaga Butternut is a favorite mostly in the Autumn and Winter Seasons
but depending on availability has become more popular in year round recipes. 
Walnut Oil adds another
  layer of flavor, if you prefer a more Savory
dish try Truffle Oil it's delicious either way! 

The best  of the Harvest Season is all about the Garden Fresh Squash...
Packed full of flavor just as it is or with Seasonal Spices, Squash is one of the best tasting vegetables Mother Nature provides!

Squash is now added to so many recipes Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Flan, Icecream, 
Pasta Dishes, Soups, Stews just to name a few. It's also served as a side dish with Poultry and Seafood, Pork or Beef. Desserts, Breads and even Whipped Creme around the Holidays.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Garden to Plate Fresh Ideas for Summer Gatherings

       The most flavorful Thyme of the year...
    Some say it's Summer while others anxiously await 
     the Fall  Harvest
            Garden Greens and  Fresh Herbs 
offer a way of making every dish fresher!  Salads, Eggs,Veggie Dishes,
Pasta and Breads take on earthy aromas from simple fresh ingredients that make a noticeable difference in taste and nutrition.

           Opal Basil with Mozzarella Cheese,Tomatoes,
        Olive Oil & Garlic on a Pizza Dough Crust takes only a
        few minutes to prepare and is so delicious you'll want to 
       make it again & again. 
           Perfect as an Appetizer or Entree`
      serve with a Mixed Greens Salad and your favorite dressing.


           Roasted or Baked Potatoes with Sage 
   once you've tried them this way with a little bit of Butter,
    Salt & Pepper,Olive Oil and Garlic you'll wish you had
    known this Garden to Plate Fresh Idea sooner!  
             Wash Baking Potatoes and half lengthwise,spread the
    Butter across cut side and top with Sage Leaves (1-2)
    Wrap in Foil packages and bake in 425 preheated oven for
    about an hour. Test for doneness with fork. You can also
    add chopped Shallots if desired.
   If you prefer Roasted, omit the foil and set on baking sheet.

        Probably the most popular Herb of Summer is Mint.
  Served atop Creative Cocktails & Refreshments at many 
 Summer Gatherings is a delightful burst of flavor like no other.

                            Mint Julep, a Southern Specialty
                   Garden Greens and Fresh Herbs 
        are now more than ever considered to be a staple in our 
  Kitchens. Milk, Bread, Eggs &Cheese are important to our diets but Vegetables, Green, leafy ones in particular have finally gotten the recognition they deserve. Garden to Plate is a Fresh Idea for
Summer Gatherings and all year long.

                      Poached Pears over easy with Mango & Grits
                        from the Artscana DOUGHBIZ Recipes Collection

         The dish above was created to resemble Eggs Benedict  without using any eggs. Instead Grits were used as the egg white and Mango for the yolk. Pears as an English Muffin. However,
 it was eaten before I could make the mock Hollandaise.



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Monday, March 9, 2015

Sound of Music Uplifting Moments 50th Anniversary

 Creativity flows in many forms, from the tip of a Pen, the stroke of a Brush, the findings on a piece of Jewelry or even a component on  Electronics. Often people wonder how certain things are made while others can just simply look and know how it all starts by connecting the dots, measuring fabrics or visualizing what their interpretation of a thought might be.

     A masterpiece does not always begin as such the color choices, what ends up on the pallet or page, lighting, mood, ingredients (if you're a Culinarian Type) props,subject matter or a blank stare at a canvas are only some of what factors in.
         Uplifting Moments... when you hear a verse like
 "the hills are alive with the Sound of Music" sung by the great  Julie Andrews it just captures your imagination and journeys you into her role. I had the honor of singing those beautiful lyrics at a ceremony and learned early on how much I appreciated her as an Actor and Singer.
         Celebrating a 50th Anniversary is 
 a pretty special occasion. The Sound of Music, an all time favorite production turned masterpiece that so many a fan enjoy watching over and over again because it's just magical!



                         Julie Andrews singing Favorite Things 

                                CHEERS! BRAVO!                     



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